We're on a mission to make early childhood therapy more accessible

We've built Kite with, and for, modern Australian families

Why we founded Kite

Hi, I'm Rachelle, one of the founders of Kite. I decided to build Kite after working with dozens of families who were struggling to access the supports their child needed and deserved. From endless waitlists to long drives, we built Kite to reimagine a therapy model to better meet the needs of Australian families, whether they be on a waitlist, live in a rural community or simply need a model that better fits with their life.

We built Kite with three key founding principles.
✨ Firstly, I believe intensive therapy models should be affordable and accessible.
✨ Secondly, I believe parents should be empowered as experts in their child's development.
✨ And finally, I believe children learn best through play, in their homes and their daily routines.

My life and career has been woven throughout the disability community, including working at the NDIA and Hireup.

Meet our lead therapists

Our dedicated and highly experienced team are passionate about empowering caregivers.

Lauren Wicks

Lauren Wicks

Lead Therapist

Lauren has an unique perspective to offer as a highly experienced therapist who is both neuro-diverse herself, and the parent of a child with autism. With over 20-years experience as an early childhood therapist for children with developmental delay and autism, she is highly experienced in behavioural therapy and practised in coaching parents to achieve amazing outcomes. Her mix of empathy and practicality that comes from lived experience raising a child with autism makes her an exceptional parent coach!

Kristy Capes

Kristy Capes

Lead Therapist

Kristy believes in using a child's unique strengths and motivation to support them to learn and flourish, and that parents are uniquely placed to make a difference in their child’s development. Her experience includes over 20 years working with Autistic children and their families as a specialist teacher, Key Worker, certified Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) therapist and trainer, and as a parent coach. She has run the Victorian Autism Specific Early Learning and Care Center at La Trobe, a pioneer in ESDM in Australia. In addition, Kristy is a contributing author to extensive academic research in early childhood development

The values that drive everything we do

We're a purpose driven organisation dedicated to helping families achieve remarkable outcomes.

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Always available when you need us

Life is ever changing and new questions or situations arise all the time. We are firm believers that you should have access to information and support when it matters to you, which is why we offer on-demand support through our Kite App.

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Neuro affirming

Every child has different strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes. We believe in providing skills, tools and strategies to help improved participation at home, child-care, school or elsewhere.

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You are the expert in your child’s life. We exist to coach and support you to help your child learn and thrive.

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