Learn to accelerate your child’s development at-home

👶 For families of children with autism and developmental delays aged 1-6

🇦🇺 Use your NDIS plan

🔍 Learn to weave world-class therapy into your daily routines

📋 Personalised plan and dedicated coach

❌ No waitlists

✅ Happier, thriving child

Accelerate your child’s development

🚀 Proven, evidence-based approach from the world’s leading researchers

The skills you learn are backed by world-leading research showing how caregivers can drive amazing development for young children with autism or developmental delay.

🥁 Personalised one-on-one support with a highly experienced therapist

You work with a dedicated therapist who builds your family’s personalised plan and meets you via tele-health so you can learn how to unlock your child’s development.

🧸 You embed learning into your child’s daily routines

You use your new skills to embed learning across your child’s daily routines - from play-time, to meal-time or even bath-time! Proven to be better for your child’s learning and much easier to fit in to your day.

Meet the Kite team

Our dedicated and highly experienced team are passionate about early childhood development.

Lauren Wicks

Lead Therapist

Lauren has an unique perspective to offer as a highly experienced therapist who is both neuro-diverse herself, and the parent of a child with autism. With over 20-years experience as an early childhood therapist for children with developmental delay and autism, she is highly experienced in behavioural therapy and practised in coaching parents to achieve amazing outcomes. Her mix of empathy and practicality that comes from lived experience raising a child with autism makes her an exceptional parent coach!

Kristy Capes

Lead Therapist

Kristy believes in using a child's unique strengths and motivation to support them to learn and flourish, and that parents are uniquely placed to make a difference in their child’s development. Her experience includes over 20 years working with Autistic children and their families as a specialist teacher, Key Worker, certified Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) therapist and trainer, and as a parent coach. She has run the Victorian Autism Specific Early Learning and Care Center at La Trobe, a pioneer in ESDM in Australia. In addition, Kristy is a contributing author to extensive academic research in early childhood development

How Kite works

  • 1
    Free ‘get to know each other’ consultation

    Speak to our team to ask any questions and tell us more about your family and what you want to achieve. You then decide if Kite is right for you.

  • 2
    Personalised plan

    Your dedicated therapist-coach will work with via an in-person or virtual ‘home visit’ to build personalised goals for your child and the plan to achieve them.

  • 3
    Regular one-on-one coaching via telehealth

    You meet your coach regularly one-on-one on a video call to learn new therapy skills to apply in your child’s daily routine.

  • 4
    Access more support as you need it

    You can access further support at any time on the Kite app. Ask your coach questions, upload videos for detailed feedback, or access personalised content modules based on your plan. You are in control.

  • 5
    See results, set new goals

    As you see results you work with your coach to tackle new learning and development goals for your child and refresh your plan.

Here’s what our clients say...

"Lauren at Kite Therapy has been such a pleasure...

...to deal with, her enthusiasm, genuine care, patience, love and compassion has been received greatly by our family. Her sessions have been very encouraging, motivating and captures the very core of our goals. She has made this whole process of discovering, understanding and education so much easier."

Reg, Mum
December 2023

"practical, easy to implement, and made huge differences to my son’s daily routines"

"I’ve loved working 1:1 with my Kite coach. It's been practical, easy to implement, and made huge differences to my son’s daily routines, even in the first day. We focused on multiple aspects of his development [speech, social, motor, cognitive] and I loved how convenient it was, supporting my son’s learning right from the comfort of my home.”

Sara, mum
November 2023

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